Coordinator of events and marketing activities

I moved to the capital as a child. She studied in the city of chestnuts and managed an event agency. And when the war came, she could not stay away from its events.

My work was associated with bright and happy moments: I organized weddings, corporate parties, created perfect scenarios for birthdays and anniversaries. However … now this little world of events is temporarily on pause.

But I know for sure: we will celebrate the victory brighter than ever. Meanwhile, I dream of using my knowledge and experience for the sake of our Ukrainian people. To teach them anew to believe in the best, to cultivate hope for peace, to enjoy life!

My family was not affected by the war, but I feel involved in everything that is happening on the vast and powerful Ukrainian land. And I strive to help those who need support and modern solutions, even on days when explosions explode instead of candles in a holiday cake!