Coordinator of the Coordination Headquarters

Citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Gaduated from Durham University (England) with a master’s degree and Munich Business School (Germany).

I have been living in Ukraine for about 5 years. This country became a second Motherland for me and I fell in love with the Ukrainian people. I am a partner of the Fund and a business partner together with my brother Anar, with whom we plan to live in Ukraine in the future. I couldn’t leave this country in a difficult time, because you need to love place where you live not only when everything is going well. It is my personal choice to stay and continue to help this people and this country, despite the fact that I have a place to return to my Homeland. I consider it my moral duty to be close to Ukraine in this difficult time.

I am engaged in introducing new markets, attracting new business projects, searching investments for new projects, variations of our business in other areas and strengthening relations between Azerbaijan and Ukraine.