30 November 2022

The future is digitalization. This is definitely the leading and important process of transformation that Ukraine and the entire civilized world are currently experiencing.

For the team of the public union “Ukrainian Fund of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” it is one of the main and important areas of activity.

Today, it is not for nothing that we mention the digital basis of our work, its features, and the variety of tools in various industries and spheres of society.

November 30 – International Information Protection Day.

This day has been celebrated in the world since 1988. Then the first electronic epidemic of the “worm”, a virtual virus named after its creator – Morris, was recorded. More than 30 years ago, specialists thought about the importance of an integrated approach to information security and methods of ensuring it. The American Computer Hardware Association announced November 30 as Computer Security Day to remind users and software professionals of the need to protect virtual information and predict threats.

Ukraine is currently among the leaders in the development and implementation of modern approaches to digitalization in many social and strategic spheres. Moreover! The digital industry is a separate important front for our country. Thanks to digital tools, we fight against hostile disinformation, repel hacker attacks, and support and simplify the provision of social needs of the population. We have been taking all these important digital steps to victory for many years. And during the large-scale war with the Russian aggressor, we prove that our digital army is one of the most powerful in the world.

The PU “Ukrainian Fund of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” together with the public initiative of Ukraine’s Renovation League, Onova GIS HUB by ESRI is currently a part of it. We support and implement digitization in League projects. Together with the company Esri (USA) and the public organization “E-Ukraine” a nationwide geo-informational portal ONOVA GIS HUB was created, which is an effective and transparent tool for recording destruction and further making management decisions regarding destroyed objects.

Using the portal, authorized users have unique access to the geo-information service, the ability to fill maps with information about damage to the housing stock or infrastructure within the selected location, or the entire region, industry. We care about safety. Therefore, our developers implement special data protection mechanisms. In addition, during the martial law period, most information about the destruction is available only by special permission to authorized users only. Users can view the available data in the open part of the portal.

We care about information security, we implement effective digital tools for the rapid reconstruction and effective renewal of Ukraine!

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