8 November 2023

In celebration of the national holidays, the Public Union “Ukrainian Fund of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” warmly congratulates the people of Azerbaijan and wishes them peace and prosperity.

November 8 marks the anniversary of the Victory in the 2020 Patriotic War (Second Karabakh War), which demonstrates the great strength and determination of the Azerbaijani people to defend their territorial integrity and right to live in peace. May this victory serve as the basis for peace and stability in the region, and may both sides find a peaceful resolution of all issues.

November 9 – National Flag Day of Azerbaijan. This holiday reminds us of the importance of national symbols and unity, as well as of patriotism and pride in one’s homeland.

November 12 – Constitution Day of Azerbaijan, marking a significant moment in the establishment of the country’s legal system and political structure.

November 17 – National Revival Day of the Azerbaijan Republic, commemorates the historical revival of the country and the struggle for independence.

We wish peace and prosperity to the people of Azerbaijan during these holidays and always, and may your country continue to develop, flourish, and preserve its rich cultural heritage.

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