1 March 2022

In unity there is a force to fight and win.

The feature of the composition of the population of Ukraine is its multi-ethnicity. Today, our state has more than 130 nationalities among its citizens. Azerbaijani citizens are not exceptional. At this extremely difficult and tragic time for Ukraine, they, like no one else, understand the depth of pain and horror of the war, actively help with evacuation and humanitarian aid both inside and outside the country. Already today, this friendly nation, led by the Public union, has created accounts for the fund-raising for the help and saving of both Ukrainian citizens and their brothers and sisters. At the same time, inhabitants of Western Ukraine joined the active participation in the process of evacuating civilians, establishing, supplying and providing humanitarian aid to the population and the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with the Public union.

In the western region of Ukraine by joint efforts have created distribution centers for evacuated citizens with all conditions for a comfortable and safe stay.

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