27 May 2022

The Beauty for the Armed Forces Challenge, launched by Lesya Nikityuk, is moving around the world.

On May 26, charming employees of the Public Union “Ukrainian Fund for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation” together with other Kyiv beauties gathered for a charity brunch “With Ukraine in the heart” in support of the Armed Forces.

On brunch girls:
passed a master class on making motanok charms for our defenders;
listened to the speech of the philologist “We communicate in our native language correctly and elegantly”;
took part in a charity auction.

This event was created to encourage Ukrainian women, as well as to support the fighting spirit of our defenders.
The funds raised for the brunch, namely the cost of the ticket and the financial participation of all those present in the purchase of the painting, went to the aid of the Armed Forces.

Our choice is life. Now!

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