27 October 2022

The ONOVA League projects and interaction portal is open to users. Information is available in two languages: Ukrainian and English.


Having innovative, extended functionality, the ONOVA portal is a convenient and transparent tool for interaction between participants in the renewal of Ukraine: from recording damage to attracting financing and the process of rebuilding destroyed objects.

🔥 A unique feature of the ONOVA portal is online access to the geoinformation service ONOVA GIS HUB.

Using the ONOVA portal, authorized users have access to complete information about damage to housing stock or infrastructure within the community/region/all of Ukraine.


The Object card contains the following information:

🔹 Address;

🔹 Photo-fixation of destruction;

🔹 Expert damage assessment;

🔹 Technical report on the condition of the building.

☝️During the period of martial law, for security reasons, most information about the destruction is available only with the special permission of the relevant state structures.

ONOVA also has a public part – publicly available information is available on the project portal.

Each project on which members of ONOVA Ukraine’s Renovation League are working has its own page on the ONOVA portal.

The project page, in addition to fixing the damage, contains information about the status of works on updating the object:

🔸 concept project of reconstruction;

🔸 budget;

🔸 funding sources;

🔸 involved contractors;

🔸 stages of work;

🔸 current status of the project;

🔸 deadlines.

 Such a transparent mechanism will become an effective tool for state authorities to analyze and control the progress of the country’s reconstruction.

Using the open part of ONOVA, every citizen of Ukraine will have the opportunity to observe the process of rebuilding their home and the damaged infrastructure of the community; get acquainted with the plans for the renewal of the native city.

Information about each participant involved in the project is also transparent.

 Each member of the League has its own page on the portal.

The page contains:

 🔸 contact information of the participant;

🔸 a brief description of the activity;

🔸 list of ONOVA projects to which the participant joined;

🔸 participant feedback form.

The ONOVA portal is both an effective tool for working on projects and a platform for the interaction of members of ONOVA Ukraine’s Renovation League.

League news, analytical materials, announcements of events and measures related to the reconstruction of the country are published here.

It is easy to get involved in the renewal of Ukraine.

For this you need:

  1. Have a desire and examples of helping Ukraine
  2. Provide assistance to Ukraine
  3. Fill out the application form for participation in the League.
  4. Accept the rules of the League (participant’s page on the ONOVA portal, office in the GIS HUB)

Your first step to renewing Ukraine 💙💛 here https://onova.org.ua/

We are updating Ukraine 🇺🇦 today!

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