18 November 2022

For the first time under martial law, but just as large-scale and effective. One of the largest offline events of the year in the world of business took place in the capital – Kyiv International Economic Forum 2022.

Despite the obstacles and anxiety, this year’s event traditionally gathered a wide range of participants in Kyiv. Owners and top managers of Ukrainian and international companies, representatives of the president’s office, ministries and local authorities, international companies, and financial funds working and interested in Ukraine and its development joined the discussion panels and presentations.

Current topics were traditionally discussed during panel discussions and during the speeches of experts, as well as in private business communication of opinion leaders of all spheres that are related to the economy of Ukraine and directly affect its future.

UFEES and the League of Renewal of Ukraine, the initiative of the Public Union were presented at the forum by the president and head of the supervisory board of the Ukrainian Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings Fund, Anar Rafiev, and the head of the board of UFEES Yehor Stefanovych.

How to unite business, the public, ministries and communities in the reconstruction and renewal of Ukraine – experts of the League held a number of useful talks on these topics. UFEES leaders also raised the issue of the use of innovative tools in the process of renewal of Ukraine, the interaction of all those who seek to rebuild and modernize and make appropriate decisions that will contribute to effective renewal.

Such a tool is the ONOVA GIS HUB by ESRI update portal, created by UFEES in cooperation with the company Esri (USA) and the public organization “E-Ukraine”.

During the panel presentations, this topic was also discussed by representatives of the Office of the President of Ukraine and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. A certain logic of the update was formulated and a course was taken for the consistent implementation of the necessary tasks.

KMEF-2022 was also distinguished by charitable foundations. In order to join the forum, the participants did not buy tickets, as was the case in the past, instead, everyone was invited to make a voluntary charitable contribution. Funds collected from charitable donations will be used to support and create the Superhumans Center, a specialized hospital for prosthetics, reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation, and psychological support for people who suffered during the war.

Offline communication is one of the effective levers in business cooperation. Organizing such a large-scale event under the conditions of a full-scale war is a bold step and an important contribution to the stability of Ukraine’s economy. Therefore, we express special thanks to the initiator of KMEF, Vasyl Khmelnytskyi, a Ukrainian entrepreneur, the founder of the UFuture holding, and the UNIT.City innovation park.

The Kyiv International Economic Forum is undoubtedly a strong center of expert opinions and unity for those who bet on Ukraine and its successful future. Thanks to the organization of an open dialogue between experts, business, and authorities, KMEF forms a useful development strategy and promotes the transformation of expert ideas into real actions.

We support and cultivate this direction. Join the League of Renewal of Ukraine, and let’s rebuild and renew Ukraine together

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