26 May 2023

The restoration of Ukraine’s residential, industrial, and social infrastructure should be carried out with the use of modern construction and design technologies, according to the Public Union “Ukrainian Found of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving”. It was a pleasure to communicate with like-minded people during the sixth international exhibition Smart Building Forum, which took place on May 24-25 in Kyiv, at the Ukrainian House. 

The first day of the exhibition was devoted to the reconstruction of communities and regions, and the second day was devoted to green construction and renovation technologies, which, of course, include the thermal modernization of buildings.

PU UFEES shared with the participants and visitors of the exhibition its many years of experience in this area.

“Reconstruction should be as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as possible. The public union has already implemented many thermal modernization projects, in particular, in educational institutions. Today, Ukraine has all the necessary technologies to rebuild destroyed and damaged facilities in the regions using the principles of environmental friendliness and energy independence. That is why we are glad to have like-minded people in the government and business in this matter,” said Yegor Stefanovych, Chairman of the Board of the Public Union.

“Communicating with community representatives, we see the intention to rebuild in a new way, and we are ready to facilitate and support it in every way, share experience and advice,” emphasizes Anar Rafiyev, President of PU UFEES.

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