6 July 2022

At the conference in Lugano, Switzerland, dedicated to the reconstruction of Ukraine, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasized:
«The recovery of Ukraine is not only about what needs to be done after the victory, but also about what we and our partners should do now.

I want to say that the reconstruction of our state is not just the restoration of the walls that we had and that were destroyed by shelling. Ukraine must become the freest, most modern and safest country in Europe – in every sense of the word, in particular, in terms of our environment. I’m sure we will do that.»

The Public Union supports the President’s initiative. We are generating the same strategic goals and have been directing our efforts to renew Ukraine.

For the second month, the project of implementing the geoinformation system “Rebuild Ukraine together” continues. PU interacts with communities affected by hostilities in the Kyiv region and other regions in fixing the destruction and finding investments for the reconstruction and renewal of these regions.

By introducing a geo-information portal, we aim to build a new, safer, and improved country, taking into account the best world technologies in the field of energy and heat conservation.

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