21 September 2022

«We have all become different It is difficult, even mentally, to count how often, during the most difficult six months in the history of Ukraine’s Independence, each of us heard this saying from relatives and friends, acquaintances and colleagues, on the TV, etc. However, this simple phrase is a certain quintessence of what happens to every citizen of Ukraine in all aspects of life.

The Public Uniоn «Ukrainian Fund of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving» steadfastly accepts this challenge and currently continues to implement the determined course for the recovery of Ukraine and, inevitably, the modernization of its system of energy saving and energy efficiency.


Even before the large-scale invasion of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine, from the very beginning of the creation of the public union, its main task was to attract investors and potential customers for the implementation of thermal modernization projects in Ukraine. The PU team has many actualized projects for the implementation of an innovative energy efficiency system, and successful partnership cases for attracting foreign funds, including the EBRD bank, for the implementation of approved plans together with Ukrainian communities. The average effectiveness of the PU activity in the direction of thermal modernization of infrastructure reached 40% before Ukraine entered the period of martial law.

However, since the beginning of armed aggression and large-scale hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, all forces of the PU «Ukrainian Fund of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving» were involved in the volunteer and humanitarian front.

During the period of temporary occupation, and de-occupation, considering the extremely difficult conditions the most affected regions of the country found themselves in, the entire team acted harmoniously and effectively in many directions:

  • Thermal modernization and energy saving projects.
  • Digitization of regions and communities. Restoring access to the Internet thanks to Starlink technology – 50 terminals were handed over to communities as part of the humanitarian mission.
  • Evacuation and accommodation of the people.
  • Assistance to defenders. Production and delivery of personal protective equipment to soldiers.
  • Participation in the development of projects and the search for financing for the reconstruction of social infrastructure facilities.
  • Cooperation with UNICEF in a joint humanitarian mission to provide medical facilities in Ukraine – more than 900 tons of medicines and medical equipment were delivered.
  • Participation in the construction of temporary housing for forced migrants from the east of Ukraine.
  • International media projects for recording events related to russian aggression in Ukraine.

Currently, understanding the difficulty of the situation in Ukraine and the need for reconstruction, it was decided to reformat and scale the activities of the public union to renew Ukraine as a whole. There are many urgent tasks in the plans and projects for the reconstruction of Ukrainian communities and even individual branches of the state and at the same time their renovation within the framework of modern social needs, comfort, thermal modernization, and compliance with EU norms and standards.

For this, the foundation’s specialists in partnership with «ESRI Ukraine» LLC (representative of Esri (USA)) and the public organization «Electronic Ukraine» have developed innovative technological resources, such as ONOVA GIS HUB and GIS Portal «Rebuild Ukraine Together». As of today, they are already implemented and applied in 20 communities and in cooperation with relevant ministries. And soon the members of the unity will separately present the public part of the portal, which will be available to all who are interested.

Considering the expansion of priorities and areas of activity, the organizational structure of the fund was also strengthened. From now on, it has a supervisory board. Its head is PU president Anar Rafiyev. The head of the board of the public union is Yehor Stefanovych, who deals with the processes of development and implementation of this policy.

Anar Rafiyev, president of the Public Union «Ukrainian Fund of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving» and head of the supervisory board: «As an energy efficiency fund, we understand that the country needs to live on and that energy efficiency is the root and foundation of this life! It will no longer be as it was before, and all organic resources from russia must reduce their fate in Ukraine. Energy efficiency is the foundation of further development, which is why we plan to build all renovation projects on energy-efficient foundations».

Yehor Stefanovych, head of the board of the Public Union «Ukrainian Fund of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving»: «The renewal of the country is already happening today. Therefore, right now we have the opportunity to fundamentally restore our Ukraine and make it a powerful, comfortable, energy-efficient, modern, and, importantly, safe country. We are already working on it and will definitely not only rebuild what was destroyed but also make it much better».

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