13 November 2023

As part of the exhibition of energy-efficient solutions for reconstruction, a forum on energy-efficient solutions for communities was held.

More than 500 people attended the event, including specialists, community representatives, and makers of equipment.

The event covered a wide range of subjects, including the speedy recovery of areas following de-occupation, the modernization of energy infrastructure, the advantages and difficulties of putting energy-efficient solutions into practice, funding sources and requirements for grant applicants for thermal modernization projects, as well as policies, laws, and initiatives from the government related to energy efficiency.

The Public Union “Ukrainian Fund of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” (PU UFEES) was invited to participate in the forum as an expert.

The Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of Energy Efficiency, Yehor Stefanovych, held a discussion with the forum participants in order to identify the problems of implementing energy efficiency measures in communities and provide support from the PU UFEES in their solution.

Record of Yehor Stefanovich’s speech on YouTube 🎥  https://youtu.be/dwU3KORenfo

“From our side, we offer all participants a simple and effective mechanism for collaboration the ONOVA public platform to attract funding for reconstruction, particularly for projects in green energy, the implementation of energy-efficient measures, and thermomodernization. As an example, the PU UFEES actively advises communities in preparing for participation in the program “Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings in Ukraine,” initiated by the European Investment Bank (EIB). I also want to express gratitude to the organizers for excellent organization and the opportunity to communicate with the most active participants in the energy efficiency market,” noted Yehor Stefanovich.


“I am very pleased to witness the spread of the idea of energy efficiency among Ukrainian society. Communities demonstrate the desire and readiness to implement energy-efficient projects, manufacturers offer innovative solutions in this field, and the government actively implements assistance programs for communities. Together, we confidently move towards a common goal – the creation of an energy-efficient and energy-independent Ukraine,” commented Anar Rafiyev, President of PU UFEES, sharing his impressions of the Forum.

❗Important news was shared with the Forum participants by Olena Mishchenko, a representative of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency of Ukraine: The State Fund for Decarbonization and Energy Efficiency Transformation has started its work – a legally protected source of funds for the implementation of energy efficiency programs.

” The first regional office for decarbonization and energy efficiency in Ukraine has been opened in Dnipropetrovsk. Other regions are next in line. Our mission is to encourage, inform, and practically support communities to strengthen energy independence and promote low-carbon development in the country. All efforts are directed toward a single goal – improving the lives and future of every citizen, transitioning to the latest global trends – energy efficiency and decarbonization,” confirmed Anna Zamazeeva, Head of State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, on her Facebook page.

The Forum proved to be a significant event for all participants, who utilized these two days to expand their partnerships and develop strategies for implementing projects in recovery and development. The event was marked by active collaboration at various levels—industry, community, and national—confirming that energy efficiency is not only a path to renewal but also a key element in creating an energy-independent and economically developed Ukraine.

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