27 September 2022


On the International Day of Tourism and the Day of Tourism in Ukraine this year, it is important to remind once again the crimes of the Russian Federation against the culture and historical heritage of our nation.

Photo: restore.mkip.gov.ua

Destruction of history, monuments, cultural and tourist infrastructure.


This is a characteristic feature of the terrorist state with which we are fighting. Since the beginning of the war started by Russia in Ukraine and during the period of full-scale invasion and hostilities on our territory, only in the database recorded by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine and State Tourism Agency of Ukraine 505 objects of cultural heritage were damaged and destroyed. A number of others are still inaccessible because they are located in the territory of temporarily occupied settlements.

Anar Rafiev, President of the Public Union “Ukrainian Fund for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” and Chairman of the Supervisory Board

“During the full-scale war in Ukraine, we were once again convinced that the actions of the attackers were nothing more than a genocide of the Ukrainian people and an open attack and the desire to destroy their culture. The culture of the people is its integral part. Therefore, it is fundamentally important for our association to reproduce the lost cultural and infrastructure fund and modernize it, and therefore preserve it for future generations.”


Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theater in Mariupol

In cooperation with relevant ministries, we are already developing a strategy of action for the reconstruction and renovation of historical buildings.

Cultural and cult religious buildings, museums, libraries, and monuments of cultural heritage. All this, of course, is the focus of the public initiative “Ukrainian Fund for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” – the innovative GIS portal ONOVA in partnership with the company ESRI (USA) and the public organization “E- Ukraine”.

A significant number of cultural heritage sites damaged as a result of rocket attacks, artillery shelling, deliberate arson, and other destructive forms of actions of the russian federation occupying army have already been recorded. More than 100 of these objects are already plotted on a large map of objects that need to be rebuilt, the ONOVA map. All this is done for further reconstruction and attraction of investments for the renovation and modernization of each individual facility.

In the near future, the development team will present a publicly accessible part of the map and portal, where it will be possible to visually and informatively assess the geography of cultural destruction, its scale, and extent, as well as join renovation projects.

Yehor Stefanovych, Head of the Board of the Public Union “Ukrainian Fund for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving”

“Historical places of worship, places that keep the memory and culture of Ukraine, today are one of the priority targets of the enemy. The desire to destroy our heritage on the part of Russia is undeniable. Therefore, this direction of reconstruction and the involvement of investors in the process is one of the most important for our public association and the League of Revival of Ukraine. At the same time, we are striving not only to adequately recreate what was destroyed, but we also plan to repair these special infrastructure facilities and make a significant part of the country’s past its future.”

The cultural heritage of each country is part of its genetic code. Therefore, its preservation and updating in modern realities is a responsible and important front for our team in this difficult time. Indeed, in our actions and unity today – a successful and independent tomorrow.

You can view and evaluate the number of financial losses and the degree of destruction of historical and cultural heritage sites here: https://restore.mkip.gov.ua/objects

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