21 August 2023

Last week, from August 14 to August 20, the PU “Ukrainian Found of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving”  (PU UFEES) was full of events and meetings. The PU team continues to be active in various areas, involving businesses and the public in the renewal of our country.

✅ Energy efficiency:

A memorandum of cooperation was signed with Olis, a manufacturer of VSThermo thermal insulation profiles. VSThermo is an innovative solution for improving the thermal performance of window and door system junctions, which makes windows warmer!

We plan to implement innovative VSThermo solutions in community thermal modernization projects actively.

✅ Development of the construction market:

The RED Association is a new reliable partner of the USIFUEF in developing, legislative initiatives, and housing construction for internally displaced persons and military families. RED Community is a professional association of housing developers created to share experience, and information on professional approaches, case studies, methodologies, and analytical data.

We are confident that the joint efforts of the PU UFEES and RED Community will contribute to the development of the construction market and the renewal of Ukraine based on energy efficiency, innovation, and transparency.

✅ Assistance to communities:

Preservation of self-identification of the communities currently under occupation; development of a legal mechanism for recording the destruction in these territories; search for resources to build a comprehensive infrastructure for the occupied communities in a new location right now – these issues were discussed at the meeting of the PU UFEES team with representatives of the Markivka settlement military administration in the IDP shelter.

Together with our partners from Markivka CMA, we identified opportunities for community restoration: rebuilding the territory and infrastructure, as well as supporting and integrating people from the occupied territories into normal life.

There are many vectors of our activity, but we have one goal – an energy-efficient independent Ukraine!

We are renewing Ukraine together and now!

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