21 December 2023

In early December, the national Energy Efficiency Week 2023 took place, an event that brought together key ambassadors for the development and implementation of energy efficiency policy in Ukraine. During the week, conferences, webinars, and competitions were held in the “one day – one event” format to build capacity and exchange information in the field of energy efficiency.

The main events noted:

December 11:

The week started with a briefing by the co-organizers.

Ima Khrenova-Shymkina, Project Director of the GIZ Project “Promoting Energy Efficiency and Implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive in Ukraine”, called for the development of new legislation and services, attracting investors, and rebuilding a green country.

Maria Malaya, First Deputy Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, expressed the opinion that the European principle of “Energy Efficiency First” should become not only understandable for Ukrainians, but also one of the main principles in business and everyday life. The future competitiveness of Ukraine in the coming years depends on it, the speaker emphasized.

December 12:

The conference “Energy Efficiency Diplomacy for Ukraine’s Recovery” united the energy efficiency community for the long-term development of the industry. Participants actively worked on ideas for sustainable implementation of innovative solutions.

December 13:

The Energy Managers Forum attracted nearly 300 representatives of the professional community from all regions of Ukraine. The main theses of the event point to the need for a systematic approach to the implementation of energy efficiency tools and the development of a national database of building performance.

❗ Interesting details. During the Forum, a survey was conducted among communities on what exactly is missing for the successful implementation of energy management:

  • 16 percent of respondents voted for the need for full data transparency;
    26 percent of respondents believe that security risks are a hindrance, so everything will happen, but after the victory;
  • 31 percent of the Forum participants believe that everything can be developed despite the challenges and consequences of the war;
  • 45 percent of respondents pointed to the problem of a lack of specialists.

December 14:

The roundtable discussion “BIM in Focus: Ways to Finance and Develop Training Programs” highlighted the importance of using BIM technologies to improve the quality of construction in Ukraine. Olena Shulyak, Chair of the Verkhovna Rada Committee, emphasized the digital management of the construction industry.

December 15:

Finally, the strategic session “Energy Efficiency in Action: A Vision for Ukraine’s Green Recovery” allowed the professional community to come together to develop an action plan for the development of energy-efficient green building in Ukraine.

The team of the Public Union “Ukrainian Fund of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” (PU UFEES) as an expert and active participant in the implementation of energy efficiency initiatives took part in all events of the Energy Efficiency Week.

“We are grateful to the organizers for the opportunity to exchange views and work together with like-minded people on energy efficiency ideas. We are pleased to note that these ideas are gaining importance and resonate with Ukrainian society. Our belief that the renewal of Ukraine should be exclusively energy efficient is supported by the statements of many Ukrainian and international experts. Therefore, we express our sincere gratitude to the international community for their comprehensive support and faith in the energy-efficient and independent future of our country. Together, we will continue to work hard to create a favorable environment for the ecological and energy-efficient recovery of Ukraine,” commented Yehor Stefanovych, Chairman of the Board of the PU UFEES.

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