16 May 2022

Ukraine is a country with unlimited possibilities and a great future.

Interview with the Public Union “Ukrainian Fund for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” founder Anar Rafiyev as part of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC) Stories series. The moderator is political scientist Gela Vasadze.

Main topics of conversation:

How did this story start?

– What does the fund do, and what are its tasks. The main goal of the Public Union activity is to make the country’s economy as independent as possible from imported resources, including Russian gas.
– Attitude towards green energy. A symbiosis between natural media and green energy is the way to increase the efficiency of valuable resources and modernize production.
– Who supports the fund’s program. Building relationships at the level of the Cabinet of Ministers, municipal authorities, and territorial communities.

When the war came.
– How did the military life of of the Public Union begin? Creation of a humanitarian headquarters of an international team of volunteers.
– What has already been done and is being done as part of the humanitarian volunteer mission:
250 families evacuated;
collected almost 18 million UAH for the needs of ZSU;
Delivered 700 tons of UNICEF humanitarian aid to medical facilities,
Transferred 50 Starlink terminals to hot spots.
– How does the GS live now. Reconstruction of critical infrastructure:
establishing supplies of fuel and glass;
the introduction of a geoinformation platform for fixing and restoring the infrastructure destroyed by the invaders.

War as a development trigger.
– What changes in relations, economy, and logistics bring the war.
– Empty market phenomenon: lack of competition and corruption

Starlink – wartime internet.
– Opportunities and disadvantages of Starlink Internet
– Freedom from the first level of control

Ukraine is my second homeland
– Independence of Ukraine from external resources is my goal as a patriot of this country.
– Ukraine tomorrow. An optimistic scenario for the development of events.
Old and new Ukraine.
– “Postsovok” and why Ukraine is already getting out of this state.
– A new mentality, a new form of social relations, innovations in technologies, and approaches to management – the strategy of President Zelensky’s team.

 IT people vs suits.
– Who are “IT politicians”, and their philosophy and life values.
– Why the power of IT people is a chance for victory for the country.

Azerbaijani among Bandera.
– Attitude to the language issue.
– Having traditions and not imposing one’s values is the basis of interethnic relations.

Watch the full interview on the GSAC channel interview.

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