22 October 2022

In a conversation with the correspondent of KorrespondenT.az, Mr. Hasanov discussed the realities of the energy industry and the urgent problems facing Ukraine as a result of energy terrorism. They also discussed the work of UFEES and its public initiatives.

  • How is the overcoming of the energy crisis, which arose due to the massive shelling of the critical energy infrastructure of Ukraine and the recovery of the industry before the winter period, organized?
  • Is it possible to quickly restore critical infrastructure facilities in the de-occupied territories?
  • Will the emergency termination of electricity exports to EU countries affect Ukraine’s budget?
  • About criticism of expenditures of the new state budget of Ukraine and urgent needs.
  • What are the goals and specific tasks set by UFEES, the public initiative of the League of Renewal of Ukraine, GIS HUB ONOVA, which are already involved in fixing the destruction, attracting financing for reconstruction, and thorough renewal of objects, communities, and entire industries?

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