11 November 2022

Not so much to celebrate, but to have the opportunity to voice and appeal to humanity on a large scale and draw attention to the topic of depletion of the resources of the planet and each country in particular. The launch of the International Day of Energy Saving is a response of scientists to the lifestyle of contemporaries.

Energy conservation is a topic that is rapidly gaining momentum. After all, technological progress finally makes it possible to change old habits and stop the depletion of resources, instead use renewable energy sources, save natural resources and significantly reduce environmental pollution. Mainly and traditionally, specialized motivational and explanatory events are held around the world on Energy Saving Day, which encourage and teach modern generations to save energy resources.

The team of the Public Union “Ukrainian Fund of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” is also involved in informing.

In addition to the global transformation of the country’s energy system and the renewal of its infrastructure, it is worth analyzing the simplest and most elementary energy-saving measures that are currently available to every consumer. By making certain efforts and turning conscious consumption into a daily habit, you can simultaneously help the planet and save your own financial resources.

Means of improving one’s own life:

  • A heat meter in an apartment connected to central heating allows you to track how much heat you have received and pay only for this amount.
  • The thermostatic valve on the radiator allows you to control the temperature in the house, apartment or separate room.
  • The size of the heating device should correspond to the size of the heated room and it should be turned off if there is no one in the house.
  • Heaters and radiators will be more efficient if they are not covered by furniture, heavy curtains, clothing or decorative panels.
  • The “warm floor” system is a way to bring heat exactly where it is most needed. For example, under the work table or on the area of ​​the floor where residents walk.
  • Diagnostics of the system before the beginning of each heating season. It is necessary to eliminate air jams, to repair places of possible leakage. This will avoid breaks during operation of the system in the cold period.
  • A gas column or boiler that has worked for 15-20 years should be replaced if possible. Over time, these devices lose their effectiveness.
  • Most of the heat from the house is lost in three ways: through the doors and windows, through the roof, and through the external walls. Accordingly, they should be insulated. Windows with double and triple glass reduce heat loss several times.
  • Thermal insulation of the entrance door, paying attention to the bottom, top and side joints between the door and the wall. The most affordable option that everyone can choose is to insulate the windows with foam strips, tighten the door hinges and additionally cover the doors themselves, blow out the places where the pipes exit and enter the house with mounting foam.
  • Dense curtains help keep heat in the house, but prevent heat from radiators.
  • A thick carpet reduces heat losses that go through the floor.
  • Modernization of the ventilation system, namely heat recovery, is a real way to save money.

Ukraine has abundant natural resources and important international water resources, and therefore its industrial activities and energy consumption have a significant impact on global climate change. However, unfortunately, both before the large-scale war and now, our country remains one of the most ecologically polluted. And its energy is used the least efficiently.

Now the topic of energy saving is at one of the sharp peaks of relevance. After all, in the conditions of war and constant terrorist attacks by Russia on the country’s critical system, including the energy system, end consumers are noticeably affected. So it’s time to change your own habits and thereby help the country get through the difficult winter period.

Globally, the life of the planet now and how we will leave it to the next generations depends on each of us.


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