7 June 2022

Mykolaiv, unfortunately, will remain one of the hottest points of confrontation with the Russian invaders.

Despite the constant threat, a significant proportion of the population does not leave their hometown. People live, work, and have children.

Mothers and newborns need personal care and quality medical care at all times. And in conditions of war, this support must be even stronger.

Therefore, humanitarian aid from the PU and UNICEF is directed to maternity hospitals and children’s hospitals. Today our volunteers with the support of Anar Akhundov delivered a truck of medicines and medical equipment to 3 maternity hospitals and a children’s hospital in Mykolaiv.


“Mykolaiv, the whole country is proud of your courage. Thank you, City Hall, Thank you Regional State Administration – You are real warriors!
Together with Victory, let’s stop the aggressor and restore the Country! Everything will be Ukraine!” – commented the Executive Director of the Public Union “Ukrainian Fund for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” Yegor Stefanovych.


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