8 August 2022

Every evening we turn on the light. And the meter starts winding kilowatts.

What can be done so that this circling is not so fast? – Use energy-saving lamps.

Their advantages:

LED and fluorescent lamps consume many times less electricity than traditional incandescent lamps of the same light transmission.

⚡️ Ensuring a luminous flux of 1200 Lumens:

– incandescent lamp 100 W;

– LED lamp 12-15 W.

⚡️ Average consumption period, despite the fact that the cost of lamps differs only by 2 times:

– incandescent lamp 2000 hours;

– LED lamp 30,000-50,000 hours.

💲 And how much can we save if these numbers are translated into money?

Incandescent lamp 100 W: 0.10 kWh x 2000 hours x 1.44 UAH = 288 UAH

LED lamp 12 W: 0.012 kWh x 2000 hours x 1.44 UAH = 34.5 UAH.

⚡️ That is, already during the validity period of the incandescent lamp, if you buy an LED lamp instead – the savings will be more than UAH 200❗️

⚡️ And if you take into account the consumption period of 1: 25, then the figure of savings is already 5000 UAH ❗️

And this is the calculation of only 1 light bulb❗️

And how many do you have in your home?

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