23 December 2022

Christmas and New Year holidays have started. These days people around the world traditionally wish each other the best, give gifts, and light Christmas trees.

This year, thanks to the destructive actions of Russian terrorists, Ukrainians will celebrate the holidays in conditions of total electricity shortage.
And although our Christmas trees do not shine as brightly as usual, inventive Ukrainians have found a solution to light up the darkness and celebrate the holiday with Christmas lights.

The largest energy-saving Christmas tree in the country was installed at the Kyiv railway station.

This Christmas tree was lit with the help of a bicycle and “Christmas wheels” from the train that evacuated local residents from near Irpin in spring.

is the developer of the device. According to Victor, thanks to his development, a person can generate up to 300 watts by pedaling. This amount of electricity will not only illuminate the Christmas tree but also can charge five or six mobile phones at once.
At the station, there is even a queue of people willing to pedal and light the Christmas tree.


The main Christmas tree of the country on Sofiyivska Square this year will also work in energy-saving mode.


Illuminated only by a quarter and only 5 hours a day due to the connected generator, the Christmas tree shines with yellow-blue energy-saving lights. The coat of arms of Ukraine on the top and white doves of peace complement the patriotic image of the Christmas Tree of Fortitude of Ukraine.

This year, the energy-efficient approach to decorations is inherent not only to Ukrainians.

An interesting example of an energy-saving Christmas tree was invented by Italians. On the eve of the holidays, several energy-saving Christmas trees were installed in Rome.

At the Roman Capitol, they installed a Christmas tree, the lights of which are powered by electricity from six exercise bikes.

And on Piazza Venezia, there is a Christmas tree, which is illuminated by electricity from large solar panels placed nearby. “These panels will allow the City Hall to save 100 thousand euros,” – the Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri said.

Members of the public union, as convinced supporters of energy efficiency and the earliest possible widespread introduction of energy-saving technologies, welcome this approach to New Year’s decorations. We hope that next year our peaceful Christmas trees will shine even brighter, but thanks to innovative energy-saving technologies.

Public Union “Ukrainian Foundation for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” congratulates all Ukrainians and people of good will on the coming New Year and Merry Christmas! We believe that the next year 2023 will bring us victory over the enemy, and Ukraine will establish itself as a free, strong, prosperous, and energy-independent European state.

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