21 March 2024

The problems and prospects of Ukraine’s recovery brought together Ukrainian and international companies participating in the seventh international event SMART BUILDING FORUM, which took place in Kyiv on March 20 and 21.


The team of the Public Union actively spent the days of the Forum communicating with representatives of businesses and communities from all regions of Ukraine.

One of the topical topics of the Forum, energy efficiency, brought together a wide range of participants in the discussion hall. Among the speakers of the panel discussion “Energy Efficiency of the City” was Yehor Stefanovych, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of Energy Efficiency, who presented his report “Energy Efficiency is the Driving Force of Renewal”, in which he raised the issue of implementing energy efficiency measures at the local level.

In his speech, Mr. Stefanovych outlined the goal of the PU “Ukrainian Fund of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving”, which is to achieve Ukraine’s energy independence from imported energy. The speaker focused the audience’s attention on the activities of the PU UFEES in this direction: energy consulting, participation in the construction of infrastructure and residential facilities, assistance to communities in attracting investments for thermal modernization projects, and the creation of a single platform for suppliers of equipment and building materials.

Another important topic of the report is the benefits of implementing energy efficiency at the community level.

Among the benefits listed by the chairman of the board of the community are:

  • Population-wide decrease in energy use and electricity expenses.
  • Reducing the burden on local budgets: funds borrowed for energy efficiency programs are returned through savings resulting from the implementation of energy efficiency measures.
  • Stimulating economic development by reducing the cost of energy resources.
  • Lowering greenhouse gas emissions while enhancing environmental quality.
  • Increased population comfort and quality of life.
  • Lowering reliance on energy imports and guaranteeing the energy security of the nation.

To substantiate his position, the speaker reviewed the cases of thermal modernization of municipal institutions with specific figures of budget savings.

“We at the public union are convinced that energy efficiency is the driving force behind Ukraine’s renewal. The economics of the process is that by implementing energy efficiency measures, communities can not only reduce costs but also ensure a return on investment through savings. Our task is to encourage communities to make changes based on energy efficiency, environmental protection, and the use of innovations. And we will do our best to support their efforts along the way. Together, we are moving towards Ukraine’s energy independence!” emphasized Yehor Stefanovych.


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