7 December 2023

Today marks an important celebration – Local Self-Government Day, which holds great significance for the development of self-governance, the democratization of social relations, and the strengthening of Ukrainian statehood. This holiday is observed in every corner of our country and is a crucial element of the Ukrainian way of life, where a self-organized society stands at the core of our values.

Local Self-Government Day unites us all, as together we determine the further development and rejuvenation of our villages, towns, communities, regions, and the entire country! Energy efficiency and digitization of communities are vital measures that we are jointly implementing already. Together, step by step, every day, we are building a strong, flourishing, and independent nation!

On the occasion of this holiday, we extend sincere greetings to all those working for the benefit of territorial communities. To all who dedicate their efforts to people, advocate for their needs and interests. We wish you robust health, boundless happiness, and unwavering faith in the prosperous future of Ukraine.

We express gratitude and hope for continued fruitful collaboration with all employees of local self-government bodies.

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