29 August 2023

Ukraine is on the verge of a major revolution in the energy sector thanks to innovative work aimed at developing a new logic of heat generation. With the help of advanced technologies, the Public Union “Ukrainian Found of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” (PU UFEES) is exploring the possibilities of using energy crops such as miscanthus, paulownia, energy willow, and energy poplar for heat production. One of the critical aspects of their use is the combustion of these crops.

According to recent studies, the economic benefits of this method of heat production exceed traditional sources, including gas, by 6-10 times. At the same time, these energy crops are grown in relatively short cycles – from two to eight years. For some types of grasses, it is even possible to harvest every 6-12 months.

This means not only cost savings but also a reduction in environmental impact, which is a relevant goal of today’s environmentally conscious society.

However, energy independence is more than just economic benefits. It is an essential step towards ensuring the security and stability of our country. The Public Union strives to make Ukraine less dependent on energy imports by creating its own sustainable energy sources based on domestic resources.

Anar Rafiyev, President of the PU UFEES, said: “Our goal is not only economic benefit but also an important step towards Ukraine’s energy independence. We believe that the use of agricultural crops for heat production can become a key element of our country’s sustainable development strategy, reducing its dependence on external energy resources.”

“Due to the rich agricultural potential of Ukraine, the cultivation of agro energy crops can open up new opportunities for both the energy industry and the agricultural sector. We are confident that agro energy crops can become a significant step towards solving energy challenges and an attractive investment area for our country,” added Yehor Stefanovych, Chairman of the Board of the PU UFEES

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