11 August 2023

A constructive meeting took place between the leadership of the public union “Ukrainian Fund of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” (PU UFEES)  and Olena Shuliak, Chair of the Committee on Organization of State Governance, Local Self-Government, Regional Development, and Urban Planning of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

In the photo: Anar Rafiyev, President and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the PU UFEES; Olena Shulyak, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Organization of Public Administration, Local Self-Government, Regional Development, and Urban Planning; Yehor Stefanovych, Chairman of the Board of the PU UFEES.


During the meeting, the parties paid significant attention to the importance of implementing thermal modernization and incorporating energy-efficient standards into Ukrainian legislation as a crucial tool for achieving energy independence. This becomes particularly relevant in the conditions of energy resource deficits caused by Russian aggression.


“Thermal modernization is a priority for the country’s development. That’s why we involve a maximum number of stakeholders with relevant experience and expertise to implement this process,” noted Olena Shuliak.

“The meeting allowed us to better understand the energy supply situation the country faces during this complex period of war. The mutual exchange of information found its reflection in constructive decisions and further actions regarding the implementation of energy-saving measures at the community and regional levels,” shared Anar Rafiyev.

“The synergy of efforts between public initiatives and legislative authorities will create the best conditions for seeking efficient solutions and implementing our plans for the renewal of Ukraine based on transparency and energy efficiency,” added Yehor Stefanovich.

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