31 October 2023

The second round of selecting communities to participate in the Ukraine Public Buildings Energy Efficiency (UPBEE) program has begun.

The program is gaining momentum. The first communities that submitted a package of documents for participation and were selected are at the last stage of verification – the financial capabilities of municipalities are being assessed.

At an information meeting dedicated to the second call for proposals, Taras Yakovlev, First Deputy Mayor of Kovel, shared his experience of participating in the program’s qualifying round. According to him, the Kovel community has passed the competitive selection of projects under the Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Ukraine program, and in the near future, it is planned to thermally modernize seven communal facilities. These are three educational institutions (lyceum No. 7, school No. 12, kindergarten No. 9), three healthcare institutions (central district hospital, clinical and diagnostic laboratory of the central district hospital, maternity hospital), and an administrative building.

Source: https://kowel.rayon.in.ua/

This covers installing energy-efficient windows and entry doors, insulating roofs, basement floors, and facades; it also covers installing individual heating points.

The project will cost UAH 179 million in total. The initiative is now creating a pool of contractors, and construction is expected to start in the spring.

Communities who wish to take advantage of the chance to increase the energy and heat efficiency of schools, hospitals, and other public institutions can submit applications for the upcoming call for projects. Applications must be submitted by December 10, 2023.

It is important to note that co-financing of the tax burden by the community is no longer a prerequisite, which allows more communities to participate in the program.

The PU UFEES provides comprehensive support to active communities in preparation for participation in UPBEE.

Drawing from our extensive experience in thermal modernization, we support communities in implementing energy-saving measures by offering consultations and trainings.

Regarding the program:

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has provided Ukraine with a framework loan through the Ukraine Public Buildings Energy Efficiency (UPBEE) initiative with the goal of executing thermal modernization projects in public buildings. Small and medium-sized urban communities are the program’s target audience.

Participants in the program include the European Investment Bank (EC); the Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine; and the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance.

In support of the project are the UNDP, the Covenant of Mayors, the “Eastern European Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership” donor fund, and NIP technical assistance consultants (Consortium International)

Schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and other medical and educational facilities, as well as other public buildings, are the targets of thermo-modernization.

Participation conditions:

  • the availability of the required financial and technical records;
  • thermal modernization initiatives will get a minimum of 50% of the loan.

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