10 April 2022
Chernihiv! Ukrainian city destroyed by Russian troops almost in half.
The city needs help no less than the previously visited representatives of the Public Union of Mykolaiv, Bucha and Irpin.
And the help of the city from the Public Union “Ukrainian Fund for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” and its partners is already traditional. Exactly what the ruined city needs in the first place:
— Medicines and medical equipment in the amount of 10 tons from UNICEF for Maternity Hospitals and Hospitals of Chernihiv Region
— Starlink terminals from the Ministry of Finance for establishing stable communication in the city, handed over to Chernihiv Mayor Vladislav Atroshenko.
The meeting with the mayor discussed a number of issues for further development of the region, including the reconstruction of the city taking into account the latest technologies in the field of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving.
In addition, representatives of the Public Union “Ukrainian Fund for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation” evacuated people in need of urgent assistance and performed other special tasks related to the humanitarian mission.
We are where we need to be! Join our cause!
Our choice is life. Now.

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