20 January 2023

Today is a mournful day for the Azerbaijani people. It has been 33 years since the tragedy of January 20 in Azerbaijan, known as Black January (Qara Yanvar).
The tragic story of the introduction of Soviet troops into the city of Baku in 1990 to defeat the Popular Front and maintain the Communist Party’s power in Azerbaijan was called “Black January”.

The events of those days.


On January 20, 1990, units of the Soviet army were brought into Baku to suppress large-scale demonstrations of the masses protesting against Armenia’s aggressive actions and its territorial claims to Azerbaijan. During the tragedy, 131 people died.

The Soviet army fired at civilians with heavy equipment and various types of weapons. During the Black January tragedy, 131 people died and 744 were injured. Among them were women, children and the elderly.Since then, January 20 has been celebrated as the Day of National Mourning in Azerbaijan.

In January 1990, Azerbaijanis saw the true face of Russian imperialism for the first time and felt for the first time what the citizens of Ukraine are experiencing now.

Terrorism, the killing of civilians and the thirst to destroy the national identity of neighboring peoples are exactly what the “Russian World” is capable of bringing.

The PU UFEES team joins the grief of the brotherly Azerbaijani people.
We appreciate the reliable partnership between Ukraine and Azerbaijan and the support in our fight against the Russian invaders.

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