27 November 2023

On November 21, an online seminar on “Energy-Efficient Renewal and Digitization of Communities” took place for the communities of the Lviv region. The event was organized by the Civil Society “Ukrainian Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Foundation” (PU UFEES) and the Lviv Regional State Administration.

Energy efficiency and digitization can serve as catalysts for the rapid and effective development of communities. Therefore, the event focused on crucial aspects of implementing modern technologies and energy-efficient solutions in communities to enhance transparency and create a sustainable, innovative civic infrastructure.

The seminar brought together a diverse group of participants, indicating the active interest of community representatives in the development of energy efficiency and digital initiatives.

Present at the event were the First Deputy Chairman of the Lviv RSA, Andriy Hodyk; Director of the Department of Economic Policy of the Lviv RSA, Stepan Kuibida; Head of the Development Department of the Lviv RSA, Halyna Shyrokuk, as well as representatives of territorial communities of the Lviv region, the Chairman of the PU “Marshall 2.0” – Vladyslav Shelokov, and representatives of communities such as Horodotska City Council, Kamianka-Buzka City Council, Belzka City Council, Stryiska City Council, Dobromylska City Council, Yavorivska City Council, Mostyska City Council, Novoyarychivska Village Council, Hnizdychivska Village Council, Dobrotvirсka Village Council, Zhovtanetska Village Council, and Pidberiztsivska Village Council.

During the welcoming speech, Yehor Stefanovych, the Chairman of the PU UFEES, provided a brief overview of the activities of the civil society organization.

The topic of digitization and the search for IT solutions to aid communities was addressed by Iryna Knishova, the coordinator of digitization at the PU UFEES. She shared insights into the implemented experience, services, and digitization projects involving communities that have already been realized with the participation of the PU UFEES.

The information on the possibilities of using geographic information systems for implementing energy-efficient measures in the region particularly intrigued experts from the Department of Economic Policy of the Lviv RSA.

In the next part of the seminar, the focus shifted to energy efficiency and assistance to communities in the thermal modernization of public buildings. The speaker for this segment was Yaroslav Kosyak, the coordinator of energy efficiency at the PU UFEES.

Representatives of the PU UFEES offered free consultation and expert assistance to communities in the Lviv region in gathering documents for the implementation of thermal modernization projects, including the program “Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings in Ukraine,” initiated by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

“The meeting proved to be an effective platform for discussing prospective paths for the development of energy efficiency and digitization in communities of the Lviv region. We continue our fruitful cooperation with local communities, providing them with the necessary support in the implementation of modern energy-saving and digital solutions. We hope that our initiatives presented during the seminar will open new opportunities for sustainable development and improvement in the quality of life in the communities of Lviv,” commented Yehor Stefanovych.

“The event focused on how energy efficiency and digitalization can become important factors for accelerated and effective community development. We support the initiative of the Public Union UFEES and encourage communities to apply for energy efficiency programs,” said Andriy Godyk, First Deputy Head of the Lviv Regional State Administration.

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