What is ONOVA?

Ukraine’s Renovation League ONOVA is a unique platform for consolidation and cooperation. It is a united structure of representatives of different spheres of activity and influence for one purpose, namely to restore and efficiently renew Ukraine. ONOVA strives to make the state better, safer, perfected, more convenient, modern and renewed version of Ukraine.

ONOVA_League presentation

Who are the members?

All those who want to work for the common goal – to renew the destroyed territory of the state. And also members of the association who have already joined and participate in one of the projects of Ukraine’s Renovation League ONOVA.

Our origin

Among the members of the Ukraine’s Renovation League ONOVA were determined four groups by the influence on projects and relevant activities: 

– Ukrainian communities, state institutions and relevant ministries with which memorandums, agreements on cooperation and on free use of the GIS service ” Renew Ukraine Together” ONOVA GIS HUB have been signed.

– Ukrainian and foreign investors, international donors 

– Representatives of national and international business, contractors: software developers and real estate developers, service and material suppliers. 

– Representatives of NGOs, independent expert associations, and media, who will have access to the mechanism of cooperation and transparent information for analysis and interaction in project implementation.


Through the ONOVA GIS HUB, we collect and systematize information on the destructions ️ determine the amount of losses and damages caused to separate facilities, communities, industries and Ukraine in general ️ determine the amount of financial investments needed for restoration ️ assess the needs of the community and define opportunities for modernization, introduction of innovative technologies ️ monitor socio-economic and other indicators of state development.

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