Consulting assistance to communities in thermal modernization

The goal of our activities in the field of energy efficiency, energy saving, and thermal modernization is an energy-independent Ukraine.

Actions in this direction:

  • We are creating conditions for attracting investment in the economy to rebuild and renew Ukraine on the principles of energy efficiency and energy saving.
  • Energy consulting. Expert support for energy efficiency and thermal modernization projects
  • Participation in the construction of infrastructure and residential facilities based on the principles of minimizing energy resources through the introduction of advanced energy-saving technologies.
  • Creating a single platform for equipment and materials suppliers and contractors where everyone can share their experience.

Consulting program “Energy Efficiency and thermal modernization” from the PU UFEES

The program provides for the preparation of a package of documentation for attracting financing for thermal modernization facilities.

Objects of thermal modernization: school and preschool educational institutions, medical facilities and other public buildings.

Final beneficiaries: small and medium-sized cities and communities

Participants in the implementation:


Implementation, management, and supervision: Ministry for the Restoration of Ukraine

Loan agreement with the Final Beneficiary – Ministry of Finance of Ukraine

Regulatory and legal documentation of the program:


Assisting the community with documentation for participation in thermal modernization programs.

Thermal modernization (presentation)


Preparation of documents for events:

  • Report on energy audit of buildings
  • A report on the results of the inspection, drawn up in accordance with the Procedure for Inspection of Commissioned Construction Objects,
  • Conclusions and recommendations, including the scope of work for thermal modernization measures
  • Development of a schedule for the implementation of the thermal modernization project
  • Energy management
  • Production of an energy certificate after project implementation

Further implementation and support.

Energy-efficient thermal modernization measures

Implementation of integrated engineering solutions for energy efficiency:

  • Analysis of energy sources and calculations and proposals for the implementation of alternative sources (heat pumps, solar collectors, solar panels).
  • Energy audit of buildings. Analysis and identification of necessary measures for energy-efficient operation of buildings.
  • Insulation of external enclosing structures
  • Replacement of outdated window and door structures with energy-saving ones
  • Replacement of incandescent lamps with energy-saving ones (if necessary, based on the calculation of the standard lighting of different premises).
  • Installation of luminaires with motion sensors
  • Installation of IHS and balancing of heating systems
  • Insulation of heat supply lines
  • Use of ventilation systems with air recovery 
  • Development and installation of a BMS system for a building or a complex of buildings, which will allow for effective remote control and use of energy resources.

Advantages of cooperation with the PU UFEES

  • Existing experience in implementing thermal modernization projects
  • Existing results of thermal modernization implementation
  • Previous experience in implementing investment projects, including with the participation of international financial organizations: EBRD, EIB, UNDP, NEFCO, UNICEF
  • The PU portfolio contains information on the composition and cost of past investment projects for the thermal modernization of buildings with a focus on energy efficiency